Who are we

Created by real estate professionals, the VPI Group brings together decades of experience in all areas of real estate.

Owned by its founders and leaders, VPI is both financially independent as well as in decision-making and development capabilities.

Starting as a property management company, VPI quickly expanded its skills to become a human-sized player with comprehensive expertise, dedicated to serving the interests of its clients.

In order to meet your needs, we have developed a series of expertise areas in sales, promotion, development, and industrial and logistical management in Geneva, the Lake Geneva region, and the Valais, building upon private and institutional management.

We are entrepreneurs, standing by your side to understand your desires and projects, facilitating their development, and adding value to your assets.

For us, real estate doesn't rhyme with immobility.

Our values

Open to the challenges of the future and contemporary work methods, we do not, however, reject traditional values.

We value our employees and are committed to their personal and professional fulfilment, believing in continuous formation.

We believe in a modern and flexible work organization that allows time for human interaction.

Furthermore, we insist on direct contact between our clients and our independent and responsible employees. We believe that being human-sized is a guarantee of flexibility, effective communication, and service quality for our clients.

We prefer to be distinguished by our expertise areas, modular structure, and responsiveness.

We are at the service of property owners, committed to enhancing their interests, including those they may be unaware of. However, we do not forget that our tenants are also clients.

We view our service providers as partners contributing to the achievement of a common goal, not only in financial terms but especially in terms of quality for the benefit of our clients.

Our teams

Property management

Industrial & commercial property management


Development and valorisation

Accounting/ Finance


Our entities

We are recruiting

We are constantly looking for the best talents to strengthen our teams. Please check the list of currently open positions below.