Property management

     Residential Management
  • Condominium Management
  • Rental Properties
  • Apartments and Villas
  • Furnished Rentals and Tourist Accommodation
  • Cooperative Management

     Administrative and Financial
  • Institutional Management
  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Management of Real Estate Investment Funds or Pension Funds
  • Management of Information Systems and Other Real Estate Holding Structures
  • Administrative and Financial Management of Companies
  • Secure Management of Information and Financial Data

     Commercial Management
  • Commercial Buildings and Office Spaces
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Arcades
  • Lease of Commercial Spaces
  • Corporate Mobility Management
  • Reallocation of Commercial Spaces

     Industrial, Craft, and Logistics
  • Management of Buildings, Craft, and Industrial Spaces
  • Corporate Mobility Management
  • Reallocation and Redesign of Spaces
  • Reassignment According to Activities
  • Relocation and Installation Assistance
  • Facility Management


Property Valuation

Online calculators provide an approximate price based on a standard property. Through a visit of your property, we will be able to assess it in its specific context and position in relation to the market. Once the property is appraised, we will set a price that takes into account your parameters and the market, and we will establish a sales strategy.

Preparation of Sales File and Marketing

We will prepare a dossier, capture high-quality photos, and present you with a marketing material that you will approve. Once this is done, we will initiate the marketing process based on the adopted strategy.

Negotiation and Conclusion of the Sale

We receive offers and financing confirmations, provide advice, and analyze documents.

We prepare the transaction in collaboration with the notary and stand by your side until the signing. We are here for you, and our success depends on yours, as we work for you, act as your partner throughout the process, and are compensated upon the transaction.

Our Activities
  • Real estate analysis and appraisal
  • Consultation and assistance with acquisitions
  • Property search
  • Sale of flats and houses
  • Sale of buildings
  • Sale of developed or off-plan developments

Analysis, Valuation & Development

We are resolutely focused on defending and representing the interests of our clients, systematically analyzing the elements that make up a case. To achieve this, we implement tailored responses to the specific needs of our principal. We leverage our expertise to represent and assist you with various agents and construction companies. Our goal is to safeguard your legal, technical, and financial interests.

      From analysis
  • Analysis and vision of the real estate property.
  • Anticipation of change: fiscal, changes in ownership type, physical and intangible environment.
  • Risk management related to mortgage rates, adaptation of rent to the market.
  • Measurement of the impact of risks for the client.
  • Technical examination of the property.
  • Identification of financial risks.
  • Development of an appropriate strategy.
  • Definition of an implementation schedule.

      ...to valorisation
  • Repositioning the property in relation to the market, selecting the type of tenant based on the economic situation and location.
  • Definition of target rents and the future structure of leases.
  • Definition of an appropriate accounting plan.
  • Transformation of the property to enhance its alignment with the market.
  • Comfort, energy-related, and space utilization transformations, including extensions.
  • Development for funding the transformations.
  • Enhancement of buildings and land value.

  • Management of construction projects and promotions entrusted as representative.
  • Assistance with your transformation projects, enhancement, extension, compliance, and expansion.
  • Responsible for cost control, quality, and deadline monitoring.
  • Organization of specific tendering and competitions in the pre-project and implementation phases.
  • Analysis of submissions, assistance in adjudication sessions.
  • Participation in site meetings and coordination sessions with agents.
  • Assistance in applications for energy subsidies and renovation bonuses.
  • Expertise in identifying defects and disputes in construction matters.
  • Collaboration with other companies in the group, Property Management, Construction, and Brokerage, sister companies of VPI.

Accounting & Fiduciary

     Accounting & Finance
  • Accounting management of properties
  • Financial management of client portfolios
  • Commonhold accounting - Cooperative
  • Financial reporting

      Administrative Management
  • Back-office for the entire group
  • IT Management
  • HR Management

  • Financial and accounting management of Group companies
  • Financial and accounting management of client companies
  • Management of real estate companies