Building with 5 lots




The building underwent major renovations from 1950 to 2013, demonstrating its regular maintenance and updating to current standards. In 2010, the windows were replaced, and in 1999 the roof was re-roofed and insulated, improving the building's energy efficiency


Nestled in a bucolic setting, this locality offers the perfect balance between the tranquility of the countryside and the proximity of urban amenities. Located right next to the A12 freeway, Ecuvillens FR is ideally accessible, giving you easy access to economic centers, shopping malls and essential services. Ecuvillens FR also stands out for its real estate development potential. With a wide range of building options for both single-family homes and collective projects, this community offers fertile ground for realizing your real estate ambitions. The existing infrastructure makes it easy to realize your plans, whether for family residences or business premises
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